Hi, I’m Cody. My entire life I have possessed a love for writing, a love for self-expression. This love was passed down to me from my father who shared such interests with me as a child. Over the years I have found myself lacking with expressing myself through writing and instead using other outlets to do so. I recently obtained a degree in Marketing from Georgia State University and I am fascinated with creating content that engages people in a sentimental way. I have grown to learn that without experiences,  life is dull. The experiences we have and the memories we create are all we have in the end. Whether it be opening that Nintendo 64 on Christmas or that roller coaster ride on a hot summers day with my sister, these memories make up my matter. My passion is creating such memorable experiences that people will forever hold dear in their hearts. My purpose for creating this blog is to share with you my experiences and the lessons learned along the way. I will question why we do the things we do and why we buy the things we do. I will share with you my thoughts and know how and just maybe I will create an experience for you.


All Photographs, Videos, and Writing created by me.