It was Monday and I was sitting in class in my last elective of undergrad listening and of course participating in lecture. My professor was flipping through slides and doing her best to relay important information while trying to keep us entertained with her good humored jokes. The class was Marketing for Entrepreneurs and all semester we had been reading the book “Traction” (great read by the way) and exploring various traction channels to pursue when launching a business. As we went through the slides and I was typing up my notes we came across a slide that struck a nerve in me. The slide read:


“Entrepreneurs: Taught or Born that Way? Luck or Skill?”


The question posed by the professor was “what is more important, skill or luck?” I listened as the majority of the class agreed that luck is king and my professor even shared a “lucky” story of hers about running into a professional she admired who ended up an aid in launching her business. I was taken aback by this and it truly opened my eyes to something; We do not give ourselves enough credit for our accomplishments. I am a firm believer in the law of attraction. If you work hard enough, if you take strides towards your goals every day, if you remind yourself of your aspirations every day, you are putting that energy into the universe and it is bound that you will achieve what you are striving towards. Being prepared for an opportunity when it presents itself is key. If you lose focus of your goals and aren’t up to date with your research of the subject, you may not see a clear opportunity that is right in front of your eyes. I believe that luck is simply probability taken personally.

An issue most people run into is that life happens and sometimes it is easy to get off path. The greatest tool to aid you in achieving your goals and staying on track is a vision board. A vision board is a board you display in your bedroom or your office that is a daily reminder of your dreams and aspirations. Use visual aid, quotes, or personal reminders on your vision board of things you hope to one day achieve or obtain. Put that dream car you’ve always wanted and the logo for that company you have always wanted to work for. You can put your dream house, your dream spouse, whatever it is you most long for. After you have created and displayed your vision board, you MUST look at it EVERY SINGLE DAY. By doing so, you will never lose sight of what it is you are working so hard towards. After a while of using your vision board, you will subconsciously start making the right decisions towards turning these dreams into realities without even realizing it.

Before you know it, your moment will arrive where you finally (in my professor’s case) run into that person you have been dying to meet or get that job you have worked for your whole adult life and it may be hard to grasp. “How lucky am I?” You might even ask/exclaim.

After working so hard and putting countless hours of thought into something, when it actually happens you MUST give yourself credit. Some attribute it all to a higher power, others say it’s luck. It’s YOU. All YOU. So the next time you have a gratifying moment where something great happens to you, take a moment and reflect and take pride in what you have accomplished. You deserve it.

4 thoughts on “ Monday’s Matter: Law or Luck? ”

  1. 5 star blog my man. I always say luck is when preparation meets opportunity. And a goal without a plan is just a dream so I might have to try the vision board on a few things myself. Keep the heat coming.

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    1. Thanks for the much warranted feedback, TJ. You should for sure give it a try and when you do I would love to see what your vision board ends up looking like. Aim to have one created by January 1 and at minimum give it a solid year and see how it changes your mindset. As always, well wishes brother.


  2. Cody – Great post. In my example, “Luck” (or in this case bumping into the right person at the right time) was only half of the equation though. Preparedness, some call it skill, was the other half. I was ready and able to make the succinct but powerful pitch. That was equally important or the opportunity would have been lost. Regardless, ALL was blessed. In my eyes, VISION + ACTION = SUCCESS Thanks for sharing YOUR vision. Your future is bright. Can’t wait to see what’s up next for you!

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    1. Professor Pedersen,

      Thank you for taking the time to check out my post and for shedding more light on the topic. I used your example not because I thought you fully contributed the opportunity to luck, but more so the fact that it helped me realize that being prepared for an opportunity is crucial. Some might call it lucky, but in your case I feel the fact that you were prepared to make that pitch attributed to your successful relationship with said person. I truly enjoyed your course and I learned a ton of beneficial information along the way. I hope you continue to follow along and bless us with your feedback every so often. Best of wishes going forwards and congratulations on the success of your business.




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